His whole life is music, and knows everything that there is to know

But he doesn't like Hank Williams and has never even heard of Hank Snow

He sure is pretty in his brand new cowboy hat

Yea he's lookin' real sharp, but he sings kinda flat


He tells me I don't "Get It" Because I'm not a part of his big ole country scene

And that if I have a minute he could sit me down and explain it all to me

I said “before you get started son answer me one thing,

how did the Rhinestones fall of my jacket and end up on the back pockets on your jeans?”


He got awful mad and said you must not know just who you’re talking to

I had a whiskey buzz enough to slap him but I just let him talk till his face was blue

I really tried to listen to him but it was just too hard to do

From what I understand is that his favorite song is Meee Meeee Meee and I'm better than you


I wasn't paying attention and it must of been written all over my face

Then he told me all about myself and he was glad he could help me find my place

He stormed away after he thought that I'd had enough

I heard him boasting to his friends, I bet you he don’t think he’s so rough and tough and huff and puff….


A friend of my walked over and he asked me if i'd learned anything

I gave him five dollars for the juke box and I told him to go play some western swing

I through down my shot of bourbon, oh I sure enjoy that sting

I hollered at that boy, HO! Now I'm gonna teach you why Bob Wills is still the King


Then I yelled AHHHH HA and put my fist to where it broke his nose

As he lie there crying on the floor, I quietly sang to him my Rose of San Antone

I know it didn't solve the problem country music has today

But I finally feel like somebody listened to what I had to say


So the next time that you hear somebody singing in your favorite country bar

Ask them where there from and they might start telling you who they think they are

Learn from my example but just don't start a fight 

Cause I'm still making payments for the valuable lesson that I taught that night

And his whole life is music and he still knows everything there is to know

But I bet you he will think next time that he walks his pop country ass into our show